Infrastructure is the underlying foundation that any society needs to function, it provides pathways for goods and services to flow through a country. China’s strategy when it comes to infrastructure is to use Western investment in China to build apartments, bridges, and cities. China has taken hundreds of billions of dollars of investment to build apartments and houses. However, the buildings often remain empty, and, after five years, begin to erode and collapse due to the use of poor materials. The Chinese Communist Party’s strategy is to constantly take Western money, and in doing so is able to employ its citizens, and weaken the West simultaneously. The CCP’s end goal is to create a self-sustaining economy.

Internationally, infrastructure warfare may be the most subtle and corrosive of China’s unrestricted aggressions. Beijing will package deals as a “win-win,” but its ultimate goal is a bait-and-switch tactic in which infrastructure is provided, but full control is never given. China’s “Belt and Road Initiative” is the CCP’s boldest plan to spread its influence and money around Asia, Africa, and even into Europe. By building infrastructure for other nations, China increases the efficiency of trade routes coming back to its mainland. If a country were to default on its debts, CCP-associated businesses seize property and assets in the foreign country. China is especially focused on investing in emerging economies, where they see the future of economic growth. For the US, the Chinese’s infrastructure projects are dangerous because they give the CCP a foothold in foreign countries and allow them to spread their influence and money.